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Groningen is a buzzing city where you can enjoy culture, food and drinks at nice cafes or at any of the yearly events. All of the highlights of Groningen are located a stone’s throw away from Gelkingehof Aparthotel. It’s the perfect place to enjoy all of the city’s gems.

A stylish stay in the heart of Groningen


The 97 meter high ‘Olle Grieze’, translated as Old Grey one, is the pearl of the city. Located on the Grote Markt, it is a definite must-see. Not only is it a beautiful landmark, it is also possible to climb up almost 300 stairs. While climbing up the stairs you can discover all the centuries old ornaments, clocks and huge flagsticks. Once you have reached the top, you will have an amazing view over the city and countryside.


From the Grote Markt you can easily walk to the Vismarkt, passing by numerous monumental buildings on the way. Vismarkt, means fish market so every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday this is the place where you can find multiple fish stalls with fresh fish. The market offers more than fish though, you can also find fresh vegetables, fruit, the best cheese and herbs.

Nature in Groningen

If you go to the north of the city centre, you’ll find the green Noorderplantsoen. A popular park for inhabitants and visitors. With winding paths and beautiful greenery it is a perfect spot for a nice walk or picnic. Or go to one of the many cafes located around Noorderplantsoen. Another park you can find in the south of Groningen is Stadspark. This park is bigger than Noorderplantsoen and you can even find Highland Cattle, a native garden and a camping. On the racecourse big music events are organised every year.

The Forum

The Forum is one of the newest developments in Groningen. It is an imposing building with its futuristic design. On the other hand it is very welcoming and also referred to as the ‘living room’ of Groningen. It houses a library, exhibitions, a cinema and multiple cafes. There are many spots to take a seat and relax. You can use the escalators to go up to the rooftop where you have a view over the entire city and countryside. Especially during sunset you will have an amazing view.

Groningen, a cultural city

The colourful and extravagant building of the Groninger Museum is something you can hardly miss. It reflects the creative energy of the museum where you can find modern art, classic art and other special exhibitions.

Yearly events

Eurosonic Noorderslag – January

This event attracts more than 40,000 visitors every year and has a line-up of around 350 bands from 31 European countries. It is the event to discover new music.

King’s Day & Night – April

Three cheers for the King! Throughout the whole city there are festivities, both during the day and at night. You can find jumble sales and music on indoor and outdoor stage.

Bommen Berend – August

During the Siege of Groningen (also known as Bommen Berend) the reconquering of the land, that was conquered by the Bishop of Munster on the 17th of August 1672, is celebrated on the 28th of August every year.

Noorderzon – August

Noorderzon Festival of Performing Arts & Society is the somewhat curious combination of a cutting-edge international arts festival and a large-scale summer fest in Groningen.

Unique nightlife in Groningen

While the sun sets, the nightlife starts to come alive. Especially around the Grote Markt you will feel the vibrant energy of the city. With the many bars, terraces and clubs you will not be bored. Take a walk through the Poelestraat to see how young and old gather around for a drink. Or visit one of the many pubs along this street.


Also in the rest of the county of Groningen there are enough places to explore. Take a walk through the clay of the beautiful polders. Spot seals on the sand banks near the Wadden Sea. Or walk or cycle through picturesque villages with ancient churches. Groningen has it all.

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